Judy Chen's Official IMDB Page
War at Home Maggie Dir: Greg Drozdek
A Different Kind of Love Carmella Thespian Productions
Lysistrata Goes to Harvard Ensemble Vedette Film and Theater Co.
The Standard Upgrade Babs Eight.Twenty.Productions
Down the Road Iris Malisa Theater Company
Dolores Sandra Malisa Theater Company
Sex, Relationships and Sometimes Love Ensemble The Producerís Club
Destination: Perseverance Chelsea The Producerís Club
13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview Caitlin Roy Arias Theater
The Lonely Italian Annie Dir: Lee Farber
Sophie Waitress Dir: Alex Lombard
Beautiful Sherry Dir: Richard Chan
The Power of a Dollar Angie (Lead) Dir: Jewel Fiore
Digital Physics Yiwen Philadelphia Films
Last Game Mei (Lead) Dir: Michael Cutrone
Brooklyn Is In Love (nominated webisode) Laura PL Entertainment
The Bloody City Michelle Dir: Ryan Callaway
Linda LeThorn and the Music Box May Dir: Meg Skaff
Paddle Jessica Dir: Alex Zielinski
Uchiha Clan Raven Who Low Media LLC
Hopeís Portal Supplier Shady Tree Productions
The Lemon Ying Dir: Gabe Wilson
Dead Man Working Fashion Stylist Dir: Luis Salas
Death and Dr. Change Angie Magnus Film Productions
Sex Sent Me To the E.R. Co-Star TLC
Untitled Mandarin Chinese Pilot Guest Star Dir: Alex Coiro
Reality of: Daylight Savings Principal FamiLeague Inc. Productions
The Babadook Principal Funny Or Die
My Krazy Ex Gina ABCQ Productions
My Roommate The... Danielle Lucreative Films
Degrees of Separation Awareness Campaign PSA Ensemble Dir: Zakiya Muwwakkil
Media Production Services Host Dir: Julio Thillet
Job Interview Webisode Ensemble Skillful Communications
Iím Cosmopolitan Beauty Self Cosmopolitan Magazine
Aquila Morong Studio Deb Aquila/John Hindman Master Scene Study
Lesly Kahn and Company Lesly Kahn The Comedy Intensive
Margie Haber Studio Courtney Burr Haber Intermediate Intensive
Ted Brunetti Studio Ted Brunetti Audition Workshop
Malisa Theater Company Michael Luggio Advanced Scene Study
New York Univeresity Sandi Carroll Acting for Film and TV
New York Univeresity Kathryn Rossetter Acting: A Practical Approach
Private Coaching Elizabeth Browning
Backstage Magazine ďTake 5Ē Column Contributor (Year 2011)
Mandarin Chinese Fluency
Demand Media Technology Stock Photo Shoot
Fidelio Films Website Homepage Photo Shoot
Slate Magazine
Verizon Wireless Ad
Wedding Stock Photo Shoot
Stockbyte Stock Photo Shoot for Fitness, Home, Office and Family
Gotham Magazine with Kevin Bacon for Shang-Hai Tang Clothing
Trader Monthly Magazine Fashion Spread
Runway Boutique Clothing Store Campaign Model